Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ElectroLyte #12 (December 2010 Mix Set)

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Friday, September 17, 2010

DJ Tahp - ElectroLyte #9

My September Mix Set is out!

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Cover Art (Dj Tahp)


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ElectroLyte #9 (September 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at  iTunes.
  • 1. Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - 82-83 (Christian Luke & Holdbakk's 2010 WMC ReBoot)
  • 2. Ways & Means - Pump It Up (Original Mix)
  • 3. Niels Van Gogh vs. Emilio Verdez - Royal Junk (Club Mix)
  • 4. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Paradiso Remix)
  • 5. George Acosta - Dimention (Original Mix)
  • 6. Medina - Lonely (Massimo Nocito & Jewelz Remix)
  • 7. lazy rich feat lizzie curious - get out (original mix)
  • 8. DJ Ralph Vs Avicci - Break Da Floor (George Acosta Mix)
  • 9. Stereo Lovers, Narany - Dont Let Go (Fuzzy and Owen Remix)
  • 10. Aerospace - Simple Words (Dirtyloud Remix)
  • 11. DJ Purepath feat Tiff Lacey - Surrender (James Kininmonth Remix)
  • 12. Ace Of Base - All For You (The Disco Boys Remix)
  • 13. Chrizz Luvly - Animalistic (Original Mix)
  • 14. Gordon And Doyle feat Players 69 - I'm Free (Original Shortmix)
  • 15. Spencer and Hill - Sunbeam (Original Mix)
  • 16. Kate Lesing - To The Moon And Back (Tony Pryde Remix)
  • 17. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup - We No Speak Americano (D'azoo At Night Remix Unmastered Extended)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ElectroLyte #8 (August 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at and iTunes.
  • 1. Felguk - Side By Side (Uppermost Mix)
  • 2. Tony Aosta Jaime Ruiz - Fly on the Wings of Love 2010 (Extended Mix)
  • 3. Space Motion Feat. Jelena - Dauchi (DJ Mog and John Gibbons Remix)
  • 4. Andy Moor - No More (Eelke Kleijn Remix)
  • 5. Antillas - Aqua Diva - Sole (Original Mix)
  • 6. Dave Ramone - Captain Future (Electrixx Remix)
  • 7. Shaft - Mucho Mambo (Sunrider Remix)
  • 8. Massimo Santucci, Andrea Kellermann - Cesars Darling (Pagani Vocal Mix)
  • 9. Afrojack Feat. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Extended Vocal Mix)
  • 10. Fredin - Multiply DJ Choose Pres. Encantada Remix !!!!!!
  • 11. The Sweetheart feat. Manu LJ - Falling Star (Dj Herbie Jolly and Dark Angel Remix)
  • 12. Lanfranchi Farina feat. Neja - Sorry (Passion Fruit Remix)
  • 13. Enzo Delvy Dj Drum feat. Teresa Petzali - Bombaye (Giuppy Black Dj Mundial Mix)
  • 14. Alex Sayz Sibel - United as One (Niv Cohen Remix)
  • 15. Waveboy - Waiting 4 U (Lakz Remix)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Have you ever ran into the problem where you try to restore 3.1.2 the iPhone refuses to boot in normal mode and starts in Recovery mode. A google search taught me that this as recovery mode loop.

To fix recovery mode loop, a script called iRecovery is your save, iRecovery is a libusb-based command line utility for Mac OS X and Linux (perhaps Windows too). It is able to talk to the iBoot/iBSS in Apple’s iPhone/iPod touch via USB.

This is however instruction for Mac OSX
Download I recovery here

1. Open Terminal and start iRecovery by typing ./iRecovery -s

3) Then execute the following commands:

setenv auto-boot true

3) Reboot your iPhone (hold home & sleep until apple logo appears).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiesto Ft Nelly Furtado - Who Wants To Be Alone (Dj Tahp Remix)

Exclusive remix for my podcast subscribers.. 

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Love the feedback!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ElectroLyte #7 (July 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at and iTunes.
  • 1. Jaswho & Chloe Jarvis - Candycane (Miles Dyson Remix)
  • 2. Kaskade feat. Haley - Dynasty (Dada Life Remix)
  • 3. Pitey Aras - Get My Way Critz Cherry Coke (Unreleased Mix)
  • 4. DJ Ecko feat.Anya - V.I.P (Slin Project Remix)
  • 5. Sitto Jimenez feat. Patrizze – Everynight You Are Ready To Go (Original Mix)
  • 6. Remaniax - So High (Tom & Grade Remix)
  • 7. Loverush UK! feat. Shelley Harland - Different World (Daz Bailey Remix)
  • 8. Vegas baby feat katy tizzard - i cant help myself (ingo and hadassi monster mix)
  • 9. La Bouche - in your life Petros T. (Bigroom Mix)
  • 10. Morgan Page - Fight for you (David Berrie Remix)
  • 11. Cryophonik Ft. Aliciya Angel - Essence (Fake Remix)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ElectroLyte #6 (June 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at and iTunes.
  • 1. The Blister Boyz - Solferino (Cyberpunkers Remix)
  • 2. Annemie - Animal Instinct (Andrew Spencer Vs. Aquagen Remix)
  • 3. Brooklyn Bounce - Bass Beats and Melody Reloaded (Disco Freak Remix)
  • 4. Cheb'Five - Future Seed (Original Mix)
  • 5. Sir Colin feat. Mickey - So Blind (South Blast! Remix)
  • 6. Narcotic Thrust - I Like It 2O1O (Lorusso Still Like It Remix)
  • 7. Housewave - Up & Down (Club Mix)
  • 8. Soul Puncherz - Cut Low Wit It (Digital Freq Remix)
  • 9. Bass Force - You Are My Heaven (Snowdogs Remix)
  • 10. The Full Time Superstars vs Chris Starkilla feat. Taya - Walking On Air (Rocket Pimp Remix)
  • 11. Mike Charlie - I Get Live Bird (Peterson Remix)
  • 12. Way Out West - Only Love (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Pre-Style multitasking on the iPad

Although official “Apple-approved” multitasking is coming to the iPhone thanks to the new iOS4 next week, iPad users will still have to wait until fall to get the same upgrade. Well, that is unless they don’t mind jailbreaking. Indeed, multitasking on the iPad has been possible since day one thanks to backgrounder. As great as it is however, it won’t let you jump from app to app directly.

ProSwitcher for iPad comes to help with that and allows you to switch between different apps without going through the home screen. It’s not the first multitasking manager, but it’s definitely the most impressive. Indeed, it allows you to jump from app to app using a beautiful 3D interface like you might have seen on Palm’s Pre. It’s guaranteed to impress your friends.

Now in “Alpha”, ProSwitcher for iPad requires a jailbroken iPad, and the addition of as a source in Cydia. However, users should be extremely careful since memory leaks and general bugs have been reported by early ProSwitcher for iPad users.

iOS4 should be making an appearance in early fall on the iPad, which will offer ‘official’ multitasking. However, for those that cannot wait and want to run two or more apps at the same time, ProSwitcher for iPad will do the trick, if you are okay with the occasional bug.

Android Market Place + iDroid + iPhoDroid works =)

I finally got Android Market Place to successful load on my iPhone 3G with iDroid!
The instructions I used that worked is here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

iPhoDroid 0.6 Alpha R10 released.

iPhoDroid 0.6 Alpha R10 released.
I've tested it myself, Install process seems much cleaner. The developer also states that this version no longer needs macfuse installed.
Get it at

redsn0w 0.9.5 BETA Jailbreak iOS 4

Works on iOS4 GM, Hopefully iOS4 will be jailbreakable out of the box!

Download Mac Version: Mac OSX x86
Download Windows Version: Windows

ultrasn0w 0.92.1 Released : Unlock 04.26.08 Baseband On iOS 4 GM

This is an official unlock from the Dev-Team for baseband 04.26.08, however there will not be a release for other basebands until iOS 4 is released publicly.

You can install ultrasn0w by adding to your Cydia source list (do not use the repo because that still has the older version 0.92). Note: ultrasn0w is spelled with a zero, not the letter “o”.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhoDroid R9 released

iPhoDroid 0.6 RC9 released. I have updated it on my phone and report that it works.
Get it at

Friday, June 11, 2010

iPhoDroid R8

iPhoDroid 0.6 beta R8 was just released.
Download it here

iconoclasm for iPad

For those iPad users that like jailbreaking and wish that they could modify their iPad springboard, beyond what Apple intended, there is now a solution at hand. It has been announced that the popular jailbreak app,Iconoclasm is now available for the Apple tablet.

Like its iPhone sister, the iPad allows very little in terms of app icon customization.

With Iconoclasm, however, users can place their app icons in a number of formats to suit their tastes. For example, for those that wish that they could put less space between their icons and thereby placing more apps per page, Iconoclasm can do this.

In addition to adding more apps per page, you can format each page separately. So if you want lots of space between apps on one page and a only a little room between icons on the next, you’e in luck. This feature can be particularly useful if, for example, you want all your games on one springboard page. As you download more apps, you can decrease the space between icons to make sure your games don’t spill over into your utilities page. App icons can also be placed in patterns, such as in a figure-eight, which makes your iPad much more unique than that of the average iPad owner. I could talk about the options forever, but I bet it’d be easier to show you, so enjoy:

Dual Boot Android & iPhone OS on iPhone 3G

Files needed:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ElectroLyte #5 (May 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at and iTunes.
  • 1. Sunblind - For A Second (Eddie Mono & Tony Pryde Mix)
  • 2. Andrew Spencer - Zombie 2k10 (Dirty Impact XTC Mix)
  • 3. Patrick G - Down to the disco (Orginal Mix)
  • 4. Serge Devant - Addicted to Love (Dj Tahp Remix)
  • 5. 69 Beatz - Sometimes My Heart 2k10
  • 6. Sunrider - A little Love
  • 7. Giovanni - Listen to the Beat Ft Sofia
  • 8. Pepperment Ft Lizzie B - Wake Up (Orginal Mix)
  • 9. Nash & Pepper Ft Rouge - Am I Wrong
  • 10. Kriss Raize Ft Kdeeja - Feeling Funky (Dj G Ros Cold Mix)
  • 11. Benny G Pres Cold Heel - Another World (Extended Mix)
  • 12. Miko Minded & Funkk Frikz - Start Again (Digital Mode Funk It Remix)
  • 13. Alex Mind - Quantinoize (Original Mix)
  • 14. Midfield General - On The Road (Fukkk Offf Remix)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

IPhoDroid. Install Android on your iPhone with Mac OSX

iPhoDroid is a project that has been created to automate the install of Android on to your iPhone 3G! It saves you the hassle of compiling source codes from the iDroid Project.

Download iPhoDroid
More info on iDroid Project

Mounting a FireWire disk in single usermode

I recently had to run fsck on my external FireWire drive. Here's how...

Reboot and hold option+s
Type /sbin/mount -uw
Mkdir /Volume/(Volume Name)
Type mount -t hfs /dev/disk1s(partition number)
/Volumes/(Volume Name)
Type /sbin/fyck /

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone: now available on Cydia!

Wi-Fi Sync enables wireless syncing with iTunes at the touch of a button. Never go looking for that USB cable again. Sync from the car, bed or shed whenever it suits you.
Wi-Fi Sync is now available to purchase for $9.99 — but you won't find it on the iTunes App Store. To get it, all you need to do is download and run the Spirit jailbreak (click here), which can be used on any iPhone or iPod touch. It takes less than a minute, and frees your phone from Apple's control, unlocking a world of 'unofficial' apps that have been rejected from the App Store - including Wi-Fi Sync - and it's completely free, safe, legal, and reversible.
Once that's done, you'll see the Cydia app on your device. Cydia is a third-party app store where Wi-Fi Sync and many other innovative apps are available to download.

Official Twitter app now available in iTunes store

Tweetie is now Twitter! We didn’t just do a name change, we’ve added a bunch of new stuff.

Search has been reorganized, now you can search all tweets and find users in the same spot, view Top Tweets and Browse Suggested users.

Search results now include Top Tweets, try it with Trends...winner combo!

You can now use Twitter without an account! Search, Browse uses, view trends and top tweets.

Sign-up is now availabile within the application as well, complete with Suggested user list.

Get Twitter / Site

Sunday, May 9, 2010

How to Enable internet on iPhone with goPhone plan

Open Safari on your iphone and navigate to Select USA, then ATT, click download and install the update. After it's installed, reboot your phone and enjoy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Enable tethering on iPhone 3.0 (3.1.3 ma

Enable tethering on iPhone 3.0 (3.1.3 maybe) - Too easy... (WORLDWIDE carriers)
Tested platforms:
iPhone 3G 16GB, Firmware 3.0/3.0.1, O2 Contract; 3.1.3 to be tested
iPhone 3GS 16GB, same stuff as the 3G

3.1.3 may work. Let us know if this is working again!

iTunes 8.2+ is needed for the drivers.
No jailbreaking needed.

This is a walkthrough of how I enabled tethering on my iPhone 3G on O2 UK. It was a lot easier than I thought - no jailbreaking needed, and all you need really is a MobileConfig file, which is essentially what O2 wants to charge you for £15 min per month!

Of course, even though the O2 iPhone contract claims to offer unlimited data download, there is still the fair use policy, so just be careful with how you use your tethering i.e. don't go watching YouTube, watching BBC iPlayer or doing any big downloads!

Also, note that the tethering option on the iPhone is only available if you're using it with an official iPhone carrier.

*Advanced tip*: if all goes wrong, you can always remove the profile by going to "Settings" -> "General" -> "Profiles" and remove whichever is bothering you. Good luck!

*Advanced tip 2*: If you're having problems with Bluetooth connection on your MacBooks, check for the Bluetooth driver software update from Apple (use OS X's software update tool).


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ElectroLyte #4 (April 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at Mix.Dj &  iTunes.
Track Listing:
1. Sir Colin Feat Mickey - So Blind (Mac Lane Remix)
2. Shogun - Connected
3. Phynn feat. Antonia from Jets Overhead - Hello love
4. Denis Horvat - Sidewalker (Original Mix)
5. Boys Noize - Sweet Light (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
6. Purple Project - Priceless (Re-Edit)
7. Mark Lange - Ade Ade - Non Vocal Mix
8. Cold Blank - Overdose (Original Mix)
9. Cara Dove - A Daydream Nightmare (Dj Grin Dee Club Mix)
10. Marlo Ft EM - Capture (Mike Koglin Remix)
11. Fragma - Memory (Halias & Slayback Enter Remix)
12. Neologic - Spooky (Original Mix)
13. Secret Wish - Flick Of A Switch (Sarvair Remix)

Monday, April 12, 2010

enable data with 3.1.3

To get your data and mms working on iphone update 3.1.3.
Requires SinfuliPhone Repo

Open cydia
Click "sections"
Click "sinful iPhone"
Click "MMS & Tethering Settings"
Click "install" then "confirm"
Then open Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network
The APN should be wap.cingular. If it's blank or something else like "phone", change it to "

Click on your home button to exit out of settings and your data and MMS should be working in a few seconds.

Monday, March 22, 2010

3G Unrestrictor Available on Cydia

3G Unrestrictor from Cydia lets you trick apps into thinking that they are on wifi when you're actually on 3G or EDGE. This is essential if you want to use apps like Skype to make calls without being connected to a wifi network.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ElectroLyte #3 (March 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at iTunes.
Track Listing:
1. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love (Extended Mix) 
2. Destination X – Dangerous (Gareth Emery Remix) 
3. Inna – Love (Electrical Brothers Bootleg Remix 2010) 
4. Serge Devant & Emma Hewitt – Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix) 
5. Angel Freq – Nothing At All (Paul Thomas n Myke Smith Remix) 
6. EBJ feat Anthya – Rainbow (Dark Angel Remix) 
7. Roger-M feat. Eva – Fading Away (Jonas Steur Full Vocal Remix) 
8. Kaliber feat. Elodie – Is this for love [original club mix] 
9. AlexUnderBase feat Mirela – Feelings (Club Version 2009) 
10. Nick Fiorucci ft. Kelly Malbas – The Night (Chiss Ortega Remix) 
11. Tiffany Queen – Make love to myself (Secret Layor Remix) 
12. lexicon saints feat suriya – yeah thats me (grazehopp extended) 
13. Annick – Wonder (React Club Mix) Download it
14. Sashimi Planet – Shelter (DJs From Mars Extended Remix) 
15. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Disco Lovers Remix) 
16. Merlin Milles – All I Want (Merlin Milles Mix) 
17. Solu Music feat Kimblee – Fade (Avicii Remix) 
18. Edmond Dantes – No Way Back (Tune Brothers Remix)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ElectroLyte #2 (February 2010 Mix Set)

1. Three Six Mafia Ft. Tiesto - Feel it (Diablo Bloody Electro Remix)
2. Abati - Flow (Fernando Tesses Remix)
3. Lee Luna - Leaving for Mars (Cold Blanks Mega Monster Remix)
4. D'azoo At Night - Pretty green eyes (Orginal Mix)
5. Silvio Carrano vs Frankie T - Save you (Big Room Remix)
6. Dr. Kucho! - Green Planet (Orginal Remix)
7. Glitter - Take over (Orginal Mix)
8. Morgan Page - Strange condition (Myers & Sellberg Remix)
9. Santiago Deep - Love Song (Orginal Remix)
10. Oceanlab - Sirens of the sea (Cosmic Gate Vocal Mix)
11. Serge Devant & Emma Hewitt - Take me with you (Easy way out remix)
12. EBj Ft. Anthya - Rainbow (Dark Angel Remix)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

SinfuliPhone Repo

One must have Cydia repository is Sinfuliphone's.
To add, open cydia.
Click on "manage"
Then click on "sources"
Then click "edit"
Then click "add"
Then type in ""
Click "add source"
Click "add anyway"
Click "done"

Now you will have a new section in the sections tab labeled "sinful iPhone"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Jailbreak 3.1.3 iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 1G/2G Windows & OS X

This guide teaches you how to jailbreak the latest Apple firmware 3.1.3 for the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 1G, and older iPod Touch 2G using the redsn0w 3.1.2 loophole.

Before we begin there are some things you need to know. First of all for the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, and the newer iPod Touch 2G (model number beginning with "MC") jailbreaking 3.1.3 is NOT POSSIBLE at the moment. Do not try. We strongly recommend you DO NOT upgrade to 3.1.3 if you use one of these devices.

Update: Again just to make sure it's painfully obvious . . . You can not jailbreak 3.1.3 for the following devices:
iPhone 3GS
iPod Touch 3G
iPod Touch 2G (model number beginning with "MC")

Sunday, January 24, 2010

TextNow + GoogleVoice = Free Unlimited Text Messages

Now available at the App Store for 99 Cents has Google Voice integration! That means if you have a google voice account, you can use this app for all of your text messaging completely FREE. Say goodbye to the $20 a month unlimited text messaging plan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

TextNow + Google Voice = Free SMS

Now available at the App Store for 99 Cents has Google Voice integration! That means if you have a google voice account, you can use this app for all of your text messaging completely FREE. Say goodbye to the $20 a month unlimited text messaging plan.

iCamcorder vs. Qik Video Camera

Okay, There's a few Video Camera Apps available on the iTunes music store that gives you the ability to record video on the iPhone 2G and 3G models. I decided to put the two I found best to the a head to head competition. The 2 apps are iCamcorder for iPhone 2G/3G now with Zoom and Effects! and Qik VideoCamera - 15 FPS, Zoom+Effects! Both are .99 cents on the app store.


iCamcorder offers Greyscale, Old Movie, Invert Colers, Motion Trails, and Bloom. However you can't see the effects in real time while you are recording.
Qik offers Black and White, B&W and Red, Mirror Horzontal, Mirror Vertical, Color Game.
I like the available effects of Qik better then with iCamcorder. Qik also lets you view your effects in real time!

Winner: Qik

iCamcorder offers a zoom button that can be pressed after you hit record allowing 1x, 2x, and 4 x.
Qik offers a slider for the zoom which is accessed in real time offering 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x.

Winner: Qik

Other Quarks:
iCamcorder lets you toggler on/off Resolution, Quality, and Record Audio. Which lets you have a better frame rate with more things switched to off. I found that the video's were useless with anything switched off.
Qik gives you a slider for a flash which gives the video more or less exposure.

Winner: Qik

Frame Rate:
I tested this by recording a Frame Rate Video on my screen with the apps. With an advertised 15 Frame Rates per second from Qik, it seemed to me that iCamcorder had a better recording since the line running through on the video stayed pretty close together while the line from the Qik recording moved apart so much to where you can see 3 lines at the same time from the one scan line.

Winner: iCamcorder

The Qik apps easily takes the win with 3 out of 4 points. However if you plan to record just basic video's in good lighting, iCamcorder seems to have a better Frame rate.

I'll keep both apps on my phone for now and keep you updated on which one gets the boot. =)

Okay I decided to go back to where it all started.

It seems like it's been almost a decade since first dipped my feet into the  blogging world.. and to think of it, is where I started out!.. tbc

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get money for all your old gadgets

Walmart has a service called Gazelle that let's you sell all of your old gadgets. This is an amazing site. Check it out!

A Fast way to update G-Mail Contact Pictures

Since I ditched the Address Book app on the Mac and decided to let  G-Mail manage all my contacts,  I figured out a pretty quick and simple way to update all of your contact images.

Step 1: In G-Mail, under contacts. Select an entry that has no picture. Then just click on "Change Picture"
A Pop-Up will appear where you can upload a picture, unless you already know where that person's picture is on your computer you should click on "Web Address"

Step 2: Log into your Facebook, MySpace or whatver site that you have alot of your contacts on. Find their picture. Right click on the picture and select "Copy Image Address"

Step 3: Go back to your G-Mail page and Paste the link into the box (Command+V). Crop your Picture and Hit save.

I was able to update over a 100 contacts in just about a half hour or so. The good thing also is that since G-Mail is synced with my iPhone with Exchange, All the contacts are updated on the fly on my phone without syncing it to the computer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just updated my Resume

Profile To obtain a position in the technology field where I can utilize my skills and also to aquire new experience and skills from your company.
Experience web developer / graphic designer, Vancouver WA 2007-Current
Designing websites from the ground up. Installing and maintaining content management systems. Create or modify CSS. Creating custom HTML/PHP Scripts and managing MYSQL databases. In charged on creating custom graphics for print or web-based platforms.
Sales Rep
Vacation Internationale, Vancouver WA 2006-2007
Proposal and sales of various time-share resort packages to guest in a direct in-person type of atmosphere.
IT Support tech
BenchMark Mortgage Inc, Portland OR 2005-2006
In charge of setting up and actively monitoring computer systems, network, and phone lines to insure that my team always has a productive and hassle-free work environment.
Mobile audio and security installer
Car Stereo City, Portland OR 2002-2003
Installing mobile audio components, mobile security, and various other custom installs Also provided customer service and trouble shooting as needed.
Education ESD 112
Vancouver, WA— GED - 1996
Skills Ability to design and develop with development tools such as Wordpress, Joomla, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Can also do some Flash animation and video editing with programs such as iMovie and Final Cut Studio.

Ability to  work with Digital Audio Work stations not limited to but like Logic Pro, FL Studio, Sony’s Acid Pro.
Proficient with both Mac Os X and Windows Platforms and always up to the minute with the latest technology advances.

Referrals Jake Edwards (503) - 887-2490
Bryan Howe (360) 936 - 1393

Neung Khunprachansri Phone (360)450-3933
716 NE 159th CT Vancouver WA 98684

Free Wallpapers from

I Just stumbled on this great website that has tons of extremely beautiful Wallpapers. Very good place to get high definition Wallpapers. You can choose the resolution you want to download

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Updated's theme

Was really getting tired of the FreshFolio theme that has been running on for about a year so I decided whip one up from scratch real quick. Here's what I came up with... it will be a work in progress but the theme is currently Live on Mixtacy.