Sunday, January 24, 2010

TextNow + GoogleVoice = Free Unlimited Text Messages

Now available at the App Store for 99 Cents has Google Voice integration! That means if you have a google voice account, you can use this app for all of your text messaging completely FREE. Say goodbye to the $20 a month unlimited text messaging plan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

TextNow + Google Voice = Free SMS

Now available at the App Store for 99 Cents has Google Voice integration! That means if you have a google voice account, you can use this app for all of your text messaging completely FREE. Say goodbye to the $20 a month unlimited text messaging plan.

iCamcorder vs. Qik Video Camera

Okay, There's a few Video Camera Apps available on the iTunes music store that gives you the ability to record video on the iPhone 2G and 3G models. I decided to put the two I found best to the a head to head competition. The 2 apps are iCamcorder for iPhone 2G/3G now with Zoom and Effects! and Qik VideoCamera - 15 FPS, Zoom+Effects! Both are .99 cents on the app store.


iCamcorder offers Greyscale, Old Movie, Invert Colers, Motion Trails, and Bloom. However you can't see the effects in real time while you are recording.
Qik offers Black and White, B&W and Red, Mirror Horzontal, Mirror Vertical, Color Game.
I like the available effects of Qik better then with iCamcorder. Qik also lets you view your effects in real time!

Winner: Qik

iCamcorder offers a zoom button that can be pressed after you hit record allowing 1x, 2x, and 4 x.
Qik offers a slider for the zoom which is accessed in real time offering 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x.

Winner: Qik

Other Quarks:
iCamcorder lets you toggler on/off Resolution, Quality, and Record Audio. Which lets you have a better frame rate with more things switched to off. I found that the video's were useless with anything switched off.
Qik gives you a slider for a flash which gives the video more or less exposure.

Winner: Qik

Frame Rate:
I tested this by recording a Frame Rate Video on my screen with the apps. With an advertised 15 Frame Rates per second from Qik, it seemed to me that iCamcorder had a better recording since the line running through on the video stayed pretty close together while the line from the Qik recording moved apart so much to where you can see 3 lines at the same time from the one scan line.

Winner: iCamcorder

The Qik apps easily takes the win with 3 out of 4 points. However if you plan to record just basic video's in good lighting, iCamcorder seems to have a better Frame rate.

I'll keep both apps on my phone for now and keep you updated on which one gets the boot. =)

Okay I decided to go back to where it all started.

It seems like it's been almost a decade since first dipped my feet into the  blogging world.. and to think of it, is where I started out!.. tbc

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get money for all your old gadgets

Walmart has a service called Gazelle that let's you sell all of your old gadgets. This is an amazing site. Check it out!

A Fast way to update G-Mail Contact Pictures

Since I ditched the Address Book app on the Mac and decided to let  G-Mail manage all my contacts,  I figured out a pretty quick and simple way to update all of your contact images.

Step 1: In G-Mail, under contacts. Select an entry that has no picture. Then just click on "Change Picture"
A Pop-Up will appear where you can upload a picture, unless you already know where that person's picture is on your computer you should click on "Web Address"

Step 2: Log into your Facebook, MySpace or whatver site that you have alot of your contacts on. Find their picture. Right click on the picture and select "Copy Image Address"

Step 3: Go back to your G-Mail page and Paste the link into the box (Command+V). Crop your Picture and Hit save.

I was able to update over a 100 contacts in just about a half hour or so. The good thing also is that since G-Mail is synced with my iPhone with Exchange, All the contacts are updated on the fly on my phone without syncing it to the computer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just updated my Resume

Profile To obtain a position in the technology field where I can utilize my skills and also to aquire new experience and skills from your company.
Experience web developer / graphic designer, Vancouver WA 2007-Current
Designing websites from the ground up. Installing and maintaining content management systems. Create or modify CSS. Creating custom HTML/PHP Scripts and managing MYSQL databases. In charged on creating custom graphics for print or web-based platforms.
Sales Rep
Vacation Internationale, Vancouver WA 2006-2007
Proposal and sales of various time-share resort packages to guest in a direct in-person type of atmosphere.
IT Support tech
BenchMark Mortgage Inc, Portland OR 2005-2006
In charge of setting up and actively monitoring computer systems, network, and phone lines to insure that my team always has a productive and hassle-free work environment.
Mobile audio and security installer
Car Stereo City, Portland OR 2002-2003
Installing mobile audio components, mobile security, and various other custom installs Also provided customer service and trouble shooting as needed.
Education ESD 112
Vancouver, WA— GED - 1996
Skills Ability to design and develop with development tools such as Wordpress, Joomla, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop. Can also do some Flash animation and video editing with programs such as iMovie and Final Cut Studio.

Ability to  work with Digital Audio Work stations not limited to but like Logic Pro, FL Studio, Sony’s Acid Pro.
Proficient with both Mac Os X and Windows Platforms and always up to the minute with the latest technology advances.

Referrals Jake Edwards (503) - 887-2490
Bryan Howe (360) 936 - 1393

Neung Khunprachansri Phone (360)450-3933
716 NE 159th CT Vancouver WA 98684

Free Wallpapers from

I Just stumbled on this great website that has tons of extremely beautiful Wallpapers. Very good place to get high definition Wallpapers. You can choose the resolution you want to download

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Updated's theme

Was really getting tired of the FreshFolio theme that has been running on for about a year so I decided whip one up from scratch real quick. Here's what I came up with... it will be a work in progress but the theme is currently Live on Mixtacy.