Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Fast way to update G-Mail Contact Pictures

Since I ditched the Address Book app on the Mac and decided to let  G-Mail manage all my contacts,  I figured out a pretty quick and simple way to update all of your contact images.

Step 1: In G-Mail, under contacts. Select an entry that has no picture. Then just click on "Change Picture"
A Pop-Up will appear where you can upload a picture, unless you already know where that person's picture is on your computer you should click on "Web Address"

Step 2: Log into your Facebook, MySpace or whatver site that you have alot of your contacts on. Find their picture. Right click on the picture and select "Copy Image Address"

Step 3: Go back to your G-Mail page and Paste the link into the box (Command+V). Crop your Picture and Hit save.

I was able to update over a 100 contacts in just about a half hour or so. The good thing also is that since G-Mail is synced with my iPhone with Exchange, All the contacts are updated on the fly on my phone without syncing it to the computer.

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