Monday, March 22, 2010

3G Unrestrictor Available on Cydia

3G Unrestrictor from Cydia lets you trick apps into thinking that they are on wifi when you're actually on 3G or EDGE. This is essential if you want to use apps like Skype to make calls without being connected to a wifi network.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

ElectroLyte #3 (March 2010 Mix Set)

Free download available at iTunes.
Track Listing:
1. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love (Extended Mix) 
2. Destination X – Dangerous (Gareth Emery Remix) 
3. Inna – Love (Electrical Brothers Bootleg Remix 2010) 
4. Serge Devant & Emma Hewitt – Take Me With You (Easy Way Out Remix) 
5. Angel Freq – Nothing At All (Paul Thomas n Myke Smith Remix) 
6. EBJ feat Anthya – Rainbow (Dark Angel Remix) 
7. Roger-M feat. Eva – Fading Away (Jonas Steur Full Vocal Remix) 
8. Kaliber feat. Elodie – Is this for love [original club mix] 
9. AlexUnderBase feat Mirela – Feelings (Club Version 2009) 
10. Nick Fiorucci ft. Kelly Malbas – The Night (Chiss Ortega Remix) 
11. Tiffany Queen – Make love to myself (Secret Layor Remix) 
12. lexicon saints feat suriya – yeah thats me (grazehopp extended) 
13. Annick – Wonder (React Club Mix) Download it
14. Sashimi Planet – Shelter (DJs From Mars Extended Remix) 
15. 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Disco Lovers Remix) 
16. Merlin Milles – All I Want (Merlin Milles Mix) 
17. Solu Music feat Kimblee – Fade (Avicii Remix) 
18. Edmond Dantes – No Way Back (Tune Brothers Remix)