Friday, June 11, 2010

iconoclasm for iPad

For those iPad users that like jailbreaking and wish that they could modify their iPad springboard, beyond what Apple intended, there is now a solution at hand. It has been announced that the popular jailbreak app,Iconoclasm is now available for the Apple tablet.

Like its iPhone sister, the iPad allows very little in terms of app icon customization.

With Iconoclasm, however, users can place their app icons in a number of formats to suit their tastes. For example, for those that wish that they could put less space between their icons and thereby placing more apps per page, Iconoclasm can do this.

In addition to adding more apps per page, you can format each page separately. So if you want lots of space between apps on one page and a only a little room between icons on the next, you’e in luck. This feature can be particularly useful if, for example, you want all your games on one springboard page. As you download more apps, you can decrease the space between icons to make sure your games don’t spill over into your utilities page. App icons can also be placed in patterns, such as in a figure-eight, which makes your iPad much more unique than that of the average iPad owner. I could talk about the options forever, but I bet it’d be easier to show you, so enjoy:

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