Friday, March 7, 2014

Bosses, Item Tiers, & Reagents

In Eternity Warriors III, to get an understanding of the different tiers of items you just have to remember a couple key information.

There are 3 main bosses.  [ Boss Name (Location) Tier / Reagent Needed for upgrades
1. Cyclops (Cyclops Chamber) Tier 1 / Minions
2. Nian (Hall of the Devine) Tier 2 / Fiends
3. Netherborn (The Ivar Mountains) Tier 3/ Demons

How to beat Hellboy in Ivar Mountain

I am working on detailed instructions.


Oh my I haven't posted in ages! I blame it on Eternity Warriors III, Galaxy Faction, & of course LoL. I will make an effort to post atleast an update on my base in Galaxy Factions.