Sunday, December 30, 2018

DIY CNC Enclosure update

So this is the design I mocked up for the CNC enclosure. Working with recycled materials for the most part, I was finding myself extremely limited on how to do the bottom part of the enclosure that is angled.
This photo shows how i tried to put together something just to get it put together, I was some sound deadening material that I found at Home Depot. In conclusion, the material is way to brittle to be used. Maybe I can use it as an insulator to help deaden the sound behind what material I decide to wrap the enclosure with.
I was looking through the scrap bin the other day and a light bulb flickered.. I thought to myself, maybe these aluminum extrusions would work well. I grabbed them from the bin and went inside to mock it up and get started!

This is what I came up with. 4 parts. all identical to keep things simple.

I clamped the extrusion into a vice and used the vice as the edge to saw on.

1 down.. 3 more to go.

to be continued...

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